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Choosing the Technique That Is Best For You

Each technique used in therapeutic massage has unique and health-enhancing benefits. It's important to advise Mary why you are considering massage, and what symptoms or discomfort you have. She can then work with you to determine the most suitable technique to provide relief and enhance your health.


In practicing Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST), the therapist's sincere intention is to assist the client in drawing on his or her own healing processes. This is achieved by using an extremely light, non-invasive hands-on contact. CST is an ideal technique for treating back and neck pain, headaches, chronic fatigue, TMJ disorder, motor and eye coordination problems, and disorders of the central nervous system.


Practiced throughout Europe for decades, lymphatic drainage is a well-documented method of stimulating the lymph system to activate fluid circulation, detoxify, rejuvenate and strengthen the bodyís natural defenses.
Lymphatic drainage is a gentle, hands-on technique designed to activate and cleanse the human fluid system. The therapy has been successfully used to alleviate conditions such as swelling and chronic pain; to improve chronic infections and inflammation such as sinusitis, acne and allergies, and for cosmetic applications to minimize scars and wrinkles.


Popularly known for its long, sweeping strokes which warm and relax the muscle fibers. Deeper, more specific work improves blood circulation and the flow of lymph, permits removal of waste products, relieves stress and releases the bodyís natural pain-killer, endorphins. It can be applied for general relaxation, health enhancement, injury recovery, rehabilitation, and many other purposes. It has been shown to reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, relax muscles, and improve range of motion.


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