Mary Bennett Massage
Mary Bennett Massage


General Health

Reduces stress: the deeper breathing experienced during
massage increases blood oxygen levels and releases
endorphins, which create a feeling of well-being and raised spirits

Reduces fatigue through more efficient blood flow, better-oxygenated tissues and relief of muscular tension

Effects of Aging

Improves circulation: as blood and lymphatic vessels dilate during massage, they carry more oxygen and nutrients to our cells, and more efficiently remove carbon dioxide and other wastes

Enhances skin health and appearance by increasing blood and lymph flow, which more quickly supplies vital nutrients, removes wastes and regenerates cells

Increases range of motion and flexibility by reducing the pain
and muscle tension that limit movement of the joints

Body tissues become more elastic and better toned

Boosts immune system functions

Problem Conditions

Alleviates headaches, myofascial pain and TMJ

Eases back pain caused by taut muscles

Improves circulatory function and flow of lymph

Diminishes feelings of anxiety, distress and mental fatigue

Promotes homeostasis, the body’s built-in ability to regulate its systems for optimal health and healing

Fitness and Sports

Relieves stiffness, pain and soreness of muscles and joints

Improves flexibility

Delivers quicker rebound from intense physical exertion

Encourages calmness, clarity of mind and the ability to concentrate


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