Mary Bennett Massage
Mary Bennett Massage

I appreciate your entrusting yourself to my care. My sincere intention is to provide a comprehensive, therapeutic and relaxing session for each person I treat.

Your particular needs on each visit will be addressed and treated by your choice of CranioSacral Therapy, Swedish Massage or Lymphatic Massage. If indicated, a combination of the techniques may be utilized.

Mary Bennett has a practice of therapeutic massage concentrating on CranioSacral Therapy, Swedish Massage and Lymphatic Massage. Sessions may be for one particular modality or as an integration of the techniques to provide the most beneficial results for each client. Mary earned a B.A. from William Paterson College, Wayne, NJ, and her 580-hour training in Massage Certification from the Health Center for the Healing Arts in Belle Meade, NJ.

Shortly after completing her initial massage training, Mary took courses in Newborn Massage and, at the other end of the spectrum, Geriatric Massage. The light - yet so powerful - touch of the work in both instances strongly impacted her concept of what massage could offer. In many cases, less was definitely more! With that point of view, she moved forward into areas of health-enhancing massage requiring hands of sensitivity and compassion.

Additional training followed in Trager, and certification in Pre- and Perinatal Massage, Massage for Cancer and Life-Threatening Illnesses, Post-Mastectomy Massage, use of the Light Beam Generator (which encourages increased flow and release of backed-up lymph), and a number of approaches to Lymphatic Drainage (Applied Lymphology, Vodder and Chikly). Yet there is always more to learn, and CranioSacral Therapy was the next appropriate step for her. In many ways, CST has been the glue that bonded all the prior work together. The techniques of each of these modalities, blended together, result in a powerful store of tools from which to draw, to meet the needs of each client every time he or she is on Mary’s massage table.

Mary can be reached at her offices located in Hardwick, NJ (just west of Stillwater and north of Blairstown) and Sparta, NJ, or by telephone at (973) 209-8602. She is available to speak before your group; please call to schedule an appointment.


Nationally Certified Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork
American Massage Therapy Association
Upledger's International Association of
Healthcare Practitioners
Holistic Mentorship Network
Sussex County Chamber of Commerce


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